Welcome drummers!

First off, just to be clear: this page is in English just for the eventuality that there might be a really good foreign drummer out there who is actually living in Sweden. Really, if you don't live in Sweden (or plan to do so) there is not much point in applying for the part since we need someone who can rehearse weekly. Now, let's get on with it.

So, who knows, maybe you are the future Pain of Salvation drummer? In any case, we are looking forward to receiving your application, so go ahead - set the wheels in motion...

Wet kisses,
Pain of Salvation

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* 1) Name:
* 2) Gender:


* 3) Age:
* 4) Have played drums for...
* 5) I live in...
* 6) ...and/but...

...will not move ever!
...might move in the future.
...will move as soon as possible.
...will move today if necessary!
...none of the above (clarify at the bottom of this page please).

* 7) Rehearsal possibilities: Only before tours and recordings.
Only a few dense periods per year.
Only once or twice a month.
At least once a week.
Twice a week or more.
None of the above (clarify at the bottom of this page please).
* 8) I can read vocal notes: YES
* 9) I can read drum notes: YES
* 10) I will play in several bands besides Pain of Salvation: YES
* 11) My vocal skills:
* 12) My vocal range:
* 13) Gear/equipment:
* 14) Gear will be placed in the POS rehearsal room: YES
* 15) Musical background:
16) Current job situation:
17) Current family situation:

18) My political views can roughly be described by my choice(s) below:
(select one or several and don't worry, we are aware of the fact that these options are very blunt and lacking nuances)

I am a raging anarchist!
I am a gentle pacifist.
I am left wing.
I am a feminist.
I am a (social) democrat.
I am an environmentalist.
I am a capitalist.
I am right wing.
I am religious right wing.
I am ultra liberal!
Politics? I have no clue...
You should never mix politics and music!
...gee, I don't have the guts to tell you...

19) Other optional (but we'd still love to know, out of sheer curiosity) info about myself:
Star Sign:  
Favorite Pain of Salvation song(s):
Favorite bands/artists:

Favorite drummer(s):

The best movie(s) in the world:
My favorite quote:
" "
(Please be honest - don't write what you think we want to hear! If you love Britney Spears please don't hesitate to stand for it, it actually takes quite a lot to throw us off.)

* 20) So, tell us why we should pick YOU and nobody else...

21) Links:
Any links to photos, recordings etc that you would like us to check out or download.
Please write one url per line, including the "www".

22) Additional info and/or clarifications...

* 23) Please enter your e-mail address:

* 24) Please enter your phone number:
* 25) Please enter your postal address:

Fields preceded by a red star are required. Any information submitted will be treated with total confidence and only for our own interest. If you want to add additional information later on you can fill in the form again - we will keep both applications so nothing is lost.

When you press submit, one of two things will happen. Either you have forgotten to fill a required field in, and will be told so - just press the back link to go back here, your answers will still be there. If everything is filled in, you will get a send confirmation. Please note that you won't be able to see a summarization of your answers at that point.

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Explanation of the application procedure

1. First, we will gather applications and search for interesting ones. The length of this initial state will depend on the number of applications, but we wish to proceed as quickly as possible so don't wait with sending in your details!

2. We will ask for recordings of audio/video of yourself playing, so start recording as soon as you can. It does NOT have to be top quality, it is the playing/groove/technique we are interested in, not your recording facilities. If you already have recordings and have the possibility of uploading them, you can add links to these files below in field/question 21.

3. When we feel that we have enough applications to continue, we will start booking auditions with the drummers we find most interesting, and maybe ask for some more recordings if you are hanging in the balance.

4. AUDITION: You will be told to study and learn some POS songs for the audition. Likely song candidates are: Handful of Nothing, Nightmist, Idioglossia, Disco Queen, Rope Ends, Flame to the Moth and/or America. There will also be a jam session (that might be turning out pretty weird, just to warn you), and learning passages from new, unreleased material. There will be some harmony singing from a song or two (the choruses of "!" and Flame to the Moth for example) in which you will be given different harmonies to try your range and voice characteristics. On top if this there will be a cozy little chat over coffey/tea to see how nice you are.

5. If we are uncertain after the first auditions we might give it some more time and wait for new applications, but the main goal is to contact you back as soon as possible with our thoughts. If you suck we'll break it to you gently. If we sucked, please never let us know. ;)

6. Then, if you happen to be our main choice, we want to get things running as soon as possible. Johan Langell will be there as a resource for the rest of this year, phasing out as you phase in so to speak. This also means you may be looking at playing some gigs at the end of this year. In any case, we wish to throw you into the making of our next album, so you are in for a hectic period in any case. This is one of the things you have to consider when applying.

7. We wish to stress that even if you have some major drawbacks (like you cannot sing or you don't have time to join until next year) it doesn't have to rule you out as a possible drummer, if you really stand out when it comes to other aspects. But sure, it doesn't really help you either. In any case, we respect full honesty and a realistic view, and appreciate that much more than covering up and getting bad surprises further down the line. Don't be afraid to show yourself just as you are.

Now, that was it. Just go ahead and fill in the application form above now, and the wheels are set in motion...

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