Meet our new keyboard player

Pain of Salvation's new keyboard player is no stranger for the observant fan. Being quite the renaissance man (as everyone in this bizarre band), he has been all over the place the last year. He played the keyboard in India, the bass in South America and on the European tours, and dammit if he didn't do the lights in Skellefteå too!

Daniel Gildenlöw: "Through the years we have always had problems finding people who can master ONE instrument well enough to play our songs the way they should be played, so needless to say D2 has impressed us by playing both the bass and the keyboard with total conviction. Asking him to join the band was a natural step. Also, band meetings were getting boring with only me and Léo there ;)"

The world, meet Daniel "D2" Karlsson:

To be a part of this band is a real honor. I'm very grateful to have been around POS for quite some time, both as a technician and a musician and a fan of course, and suddenly I'm being a part of them for real. It pays off to work your way up:)
My intention is not be the "new" Fredrik, because there's only one. And a damn good one! But I'll do my best to carry the spirit on and bring a new chapter to the history of Pain of Salvation. I'm looking forward to be a part of the future of the best band in the world. // Daniel "D2" Karlsson



  1. Mads Lock Jacobsen says:

    Awesome! He did an amazing job on the bass, glad to see him stay 🙂

  2. Erick says:

    A lot of news.. great! D2 is great, the videos in India are there to prove it..

  3. Mahesh says:

    Fantastic news, the gig in India was one of the best I had experienced, probably as special as my first Iron Maiden show. Did manage to blog about it sometime back >

  4. Daniel "the only D" Stehli says:

    Welcome to the PoS-Family!

  5. Samuel Nasta says:

    So, who will play the bass now on?

  6. Douglas says:

    Saw him in Brazil in June and D2 nailed it. Best of luck for him and the others. I look forward to see how his compositions will come out.

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  8. Auke (Froggie) Smit says:

    Very nice, congratulations.

  9. faithful fan says:

    You never know when you might become a part of the best Band in the world so - fans! learn to play as many instruments as possible 🙂
    D2 I envy you!

  10. John Stefanis says:

    Welcome Daniel! I wish ou all sucess and I am really looking forward to holding the first POS with you on the keys!

    Happy New Year!!!!


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