are YOU our new guitarist?

I T   I S   T I M E !

With tours booked for February and March we are now looking to fill the place of guitarist and backing vocalist for Pain of Salvation. Auditions will take place in mid December, right after the European tour together with Opeth.

We hope to find someone living in Sweden of course, but if you are a killer guitarist and vocalist (basically you need to be able to cover at least three octaves in a variety of different vocal techniques), then by all means, send us an application.


  • Short letter describing yourself
  • Sample files guitar/vocals
  • Some photos (or videos) of yourself

You don't need to book studio time for this, simple phone camera recordings will do. We basically need to get an idea about what you can do on the guitar, and the timbre of your voice. If you want to sing a POS song, we suggest Chain Sling lead vocals.

Send everything to as soon as you can. We will start making a very narrow selection from the applications already next week and schedule a handful for auditions in December, so don't wait or hesitate - just do it! 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you,
/ Daniel, Léo, Johan and Fredrik